mid-day report

I need five minutes of break from reading so I’ll give an update…

Last night, about 45 of us went into Princeton and enjoyed a very LOUD meal at the Triumph Brewery. It was a great place with good beer and food. I think I must have eaten too much because I really felt quite poor and did not finish all but a few sips of my second Honey Wheat. (WHat? An unfinished beer? Surely something is wrong)

Luckily, some new friends wanted to traipse the old world campus of Princeton and that, while difficult due to ailment, was neat. What a campus. That’s a whole ‘nother entry entirely.

Decided not to go for the evening’s party of frivolity and beer pong due to digestional disarray and felt quite hard to sleep for 10 hours!!!

Got up and rode my bike about 15 miles including all the way down to the main road and back onto the Princeton campus. Again, it was amazing to look at the vast castles within which teenager/young adults actually have the privilege to learn. It was here that I found the one “small” (very small) hill of the day and rode it in a big gear to simulate a much larger hill experience.

Returned to LS campus just in time to be safe from a short but loud thunderstorm. Since brunch I have been reading and reflecting on topics such as, “behavorism vs. cognitivism/cognitive science”, “operant vs. classical conditioning”, and effort based vs. intelligence based praise….

I have an hour until our work returns. Tonight we have 2 hours of curriculum group and then 2 hours of plenary session entitled, “Teacher as Diagnostician”. We have a tremendous amount of homework for Monday, so I picture a LONG night.

Tomorrow the week of full day work begins. This is really difficult work, but for the first time in a LONG LONG time, I feel challenged. I think however that I may need a week off after all of this just to process and re-gain sleep…

By the way…Happy 89th Birthday to my awesome Grandma!!!!


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