This is the first chance I have had to breathe since about 7:15 this morning. I am currently in “afternoon rest” from Klingenstein Summer Institute. By rest I mean…go to the library and do homework in the two hours before dinner. 🙂

Upon our (me and 75 new best friends) arrival here yesterday we were assigned a dorm room and handed a three inch binder complete with detailed schedule, readings, and various ins and outs. After unpacking I started to read the detailed schedule and look for our assignments. After getting through Friday I stopped, took a breath and said, “One day at a time”. This is going to be an intense two weeks.

Here is how the day has looked so far:

5:15am-alarm clock
5:30am-run around campus (SO BEAUTIFUL) in the early morning fog. cool down walk looking for coffee.
6:30am-get ready for day
7:15am-breakfast (better coffee than what I found) plus the crispest bacon EVER.
8:00am-Morning Meeting (funny games played, I videotaped as I am today’s photographer)
8:30am-Elementary Curriculum Meeting (very cool people, wonderful teachers….)
10:00am-break/networking (not really down time as we are still learning about each other)
10:30am-12noon-Plenary Session with Pearl Rock Kane (Klingenstein Director)-discussions about the issues facing Independent Schools. (very good reassurance from PRK about “private school guilt”)
12:00noon-lunch. OMG the food here is SO good and much of it is sustainable or local. Plus…ice cream cone (mint chocolate chip)
1:00pm-3:30pm Diversity Plenary Session(wonderful. engaging. thoughtful)

NOW-“rest time” again, really glad I ran this morning because I totally have to use this time to read and write.
LATER-dinner and then our first small diversity group, we get to tell our “story”…..

Will be passing out when the session ends at nine.

This is going to be a lot of work but it is amazing to be with so many brilliant young teachers and passionate lead teachers. It is only day one and all of us are brains on overload.

I can’t say I will be able to blog a lot after today, but I will try….

Peace, dear reader.

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