if you gotta move…

If you have to move twice in three months, I highly suggest moving only 20 yards. Due to oh so lovely renovations and my desire to stay near my location, it was now or never. I was blessed to have a fabulous crew of Mom, Dad, Aunt Pat, and Cait to help me load up a box at a time and walk out one porch and in the other. It is now about 28 hours since the start and while the apartment has some issues leftover from renovation (some not completely renovated parts shall we say), it pretty much looks just like the apartment I lived in next door.

I find myself tonight feeling grateful for the love of family and their unconditional willingness to help me, time and time again, as I need to pick up the pieces of my scattered life. They are amazing people and whether its 20 yards, 20 miles, or 20 years, they always have been and will be there for me. I am blessed.


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