in my dreams…

I am watching the replay of the Boston Marathon on Versus. I’m so glad I clicked on when I did because I was able to watch both the women’s and men’s finish. The women’s finish was down to the wire with the lead two women going back and forth even in the last 600m.

Robert Cheryiout, however, is another story. He was almost two full minutes ahead of the next fastest man. While he didn’t beat his own record, he did win his fourth Boston in a row and passed all but four of the elite women (who started thirty minutes ahead of the elite men). Whew……

Now the replay is following Lance….who did meet his goal of finishing in 2:50. Don’t get me wrong, I decided a last October that I was going to bury my hatchet against Lance, but….let me also point out that his talented, faithful, and beautiful ex-wife Kristin also kicked some Boston butt…she finished in 3:59. Not her PR, but who cares…its BOSTON.

17 minutes. That is what I have to take off my PR to get to Boston. I had to laugh in my most tired moments at the store this weekend when I told a gal it was 27. She corrected my arithmetic and in turn, boosted my spirits. Knowing that since my 3:57 in 2006 just happened to be an amazing day which has yet to be repeated reminds me that I have a lot of work to do this summer.

Ah, dreams of Hopkinton to Boston….Heartbreak Hill and the Citgo sign. Some day….

Enjoy your miles this week, dear reader.

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