reconnecting in the digital age

I recently joined Facebook in attempts to connect with old and new friends, but at the same time deleted my MySpace in hopes of maintaining some kind of balance in my digital connections.

Today, thanks to connecting via Facebook, I had “linner/dunch” with my two dear friends from high school. It had been 8/10 years since I had seen either of them and seeing them was an absolute joy. It seemed as if no time had passed between us and it was generally delightful to reconnect.

Now, three hours later, I sit here pondering the adage of “friends for a season” and its relativity in the digital age. If we are truly connected through our various formats-social networking, wiki’s, IM, etc…is it really possible to “lose track”? In the three weeks since I have joined up with the fb gang, I have found 86 friends. Some old, some recent, some tried and true. The most fascinating thing about it all is that none of these “lost connections” were a result of some tragic break up of friendship, rather simply just a change of season.

Will friends for a season be something slowly goes by the way side as we continue to connect? I do not seek to answer this question. Only to wonder…..


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