big grey cat

A big grey cat is sitting on my lap.
He is very very fat.
He comes from Maryville, Mo.
In fall of 97 we brought him home.
With my ‘rents he now abides
But he visits from time to time
Today he sits as I type without a single care
Two weeks he will be with me
My small apt. we’ll share
Allergic to my big grey cat alas I have become
But for two weeks ’twill be ok because he gives great love.

One thought on “big grey cat

  1. Caitlin April 11, 2008 / 1:13 pm

    oh sarah! that was awesome! i loved it. and i too love that big fat grey cat. i hope you two are having a wonderful time together. and thank you for my shout out up there, its so nice and special. see you soon i hope.

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