oh dear.

i heard today that life had changed for you as it has for me

i wonder if you are happy or sad or frightened or feeling free

i think you know that i have hurt you and you have so deeply hurt me

but regardless of any hurt or pain that you or i have caused

you are in my deepest prayers as your life changes fast

i see the destruction all around me in the hearts and lives of many

i ask God what is this mess where did it start and where is its rest

why give us love for even a time if only to rip it away

why does it work for so many but for many cannot stay one day

have i done something wrong or traveled the wrong avenue

for this lofty love goal which I sought

i only hope it is different for you and you feel free or calm not distraught

i know for me that this road will be long–lacking clarity or sense of direction

but it is grace that we seek and strength that we need no matter our actual situation

for god will provide for both you and me and all those who walk down this journey

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