snow day!

I have been asking for it for about two months now and today I have been blessed. It is a snow day here in Maryland (and Virginia, Pennsylvania, and NJ). I do have an early am appt, but other than that, I am looking forward to returning to my PJ’s, making some bread, and working on my report cards! (Approximately 205 report cards with narratives are due next week.)

I know that many of my “working” friends and family begrudge me a good old snow day. (Let’s not even talk about the guilt trips I get on summer va-cay.) But snow days are beloved by teachers just as much as students. All right, they are beloved by the childless teachers. I realize that teachers with kids (just like stay-at-home parents) do not get a break on days like today. But…the physical, emotional, and intellectual toll of the day-to-day with our lovely children can add up. Receiving a day like today is a bit of a gift that will make me a better teacher on Monday.

Coffee made, chocolate-peanut butter bread mix is in the cabinet and red stone bakeware is ready for an afternoon workout.

Hope your day, where ever you may be, is joyous and perhaps the memory of a snow day will be enough to give you a smile.

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