the teaching i love

This week at work is defining what I love about teaching. I love integrating. I absolutely positively love the way that children’s eyes and minds perk up when they see how subject matter relates together. Our school is immersed this week in Global Integration. Each of our classes has a country for the International Festival dance performance and this week all of the subjects are related to this country. I cheated a bit and started last week and two weeks ago with some of my classes, just because there is so much to cover! You can’t integrate all of music in two classes.

We are listening to music, studying classical and folk music, composers, singing songs, speaking poems, and moving to music this week. I have learned a tremendous amount about music in each of my countries (Mexico, China, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa). (I highly recommend trying to sing in Thai, whew!)

We are cataloging all of our learning on a wiki and it has been so nice to see all of the additions the teachers have made. This is what I love! Where can I go where I can do this all of the time?

Off to day three!

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