go no go for launch

One of my favorite scenes in the movie Apollo 13 is when they are preparing for launch. I love the systematic nature of “checking in” with each systems manager to see if they were “go or no go” for launch.

So today was my first attempt since the “toe incident” that I tried to run. A test launch, if you will. Unfortunately, it is a no go for launch for me. I am for sure that the toe is not officially broken, but something is definitely wrong. My dear friend and RP who just happens to be an OT suggested a sprained ligament might be the source of pain/numbness (it varies). Nevertheless, two miles with Buddy today resulted in a clear feeling of “no go” for this weekend. (My back will be happy, but the rest of me, not so much.)

This will be two weekends off…..unless I can convince myself that preemptive launch will be worth the pain.

Three weeks.

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