remembering why we marathon

Tonight, the local running community all descended upon the local AMC to see The Spirit of the Marathon, a documentary about the experience of running a marathon (specifically Chicago, 2005). The movie was inspirational, funny, dramatic, and tear-jerking. It reminded me of what we go through as we prepare for and run the marathon. As we accompanied two elites and four mortals through their marathon experience, it was as if we were right there with them through the 20 milers, the early mornings, and the race day.

In this moment of my life, where I question my strength on a regular basis, this movie reminded me of what I have accomplished….seven times. At one point in the movie one of the participants said, “If I can run a marathon, I can survive anything.” I am uplifted by this statement. The marathon is the most physically taxing experience I have ever had (particular this past fall) and as I embark on the most emotionally taxing experience in my life (i’m guessing), I take heart in the memory that I too, can survive anything.

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