saying goodbye

I received a letter yesterday from World Vision telling me that the child I have sponsored for the last five years, Suppawat from Thailand, no longer needs my support. His family has moved out of a place of poverty and into a place of sustainability without help. I never thought I would receive a letter like this. I also didn’t realize that I wouldn’t have the chance to write one last letter or send one last birthday card (his birthday is January 31).

I have never been the greatest sponsor. I have send the funds monthly and signed every little “extra” that WV sends to send to the child, which are never written in Thai. But I have his picture on my desk at home and at work and on the fridge and I pray for him daily. He was a pudgy awkward ten year old and is now a tall, fit teenager. I feel as though we have been through a lot together and now without warning, it has come to an end.

I feel so blessed that God has provided for his family and that they are no longer in a position to need support. For I suppose, this is the true goal. I will continue to pray, and at some point, choose a new child to support. But Suppawat will forever remain my “first born”.

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