the church needs some xanax

I have read on a few other Episcopal-y type blogs about an uproar over the Presiding Bishop’s Christmas card. Particularly, an article from the Episcopal Cafe which shares the Diocese of Fort Worth’s opinion on the matter. While I can understand the point of DoFW with regards to their fear of continual polarization within TEC and the greater Anglican Communion, I feel that this entire things needs a stern look and a “Seriously?”.

In our day when we are struggling with famine, war and atrocities all over the globe, with continued religious persecution, discrimination, financial disparity and countless other systemic issues, are we seriously writing memos of concern over a Christmas card that features women rather than men in adoration of our Christ Jesus? Have we also not come to understand over thousands of years that art is meant to stir the emotions and depict an artists interpretation or celebration, but yet at the core of the matter it is art, not fact?

Our church is under so much scrutiny that it makes being a member of the body that much more difficult. If our simple goal is to follow Jesus and to love one another that is the criticism of a Christmas card the right battle to pick? Isn’t about time that our denomination embrace the unity of the church rather than the disparity? Frankly, isn’t it time that our angry brothers and sisters take a little xanax, so to speak, and embrace our similarities, our shared beliefs and in this case, let art be art.

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