the best part

Ran today. Not long (1:15), Not hard (average 9:10/mi). But at least I was out.

The best part, the solitary blue heron standing quietly along the creek near my childhood home. It was just me and the bird, in solitude.

Quiet and beautiful as if we were the only two in the whole of the land. It was as though he knew me and I he as we stood there for a brief moment wondering of each other’s purpose. Careful not to interrupt each other as we moved about our day. I wonder if his thoughts were as scattered as mine. I wonder if I had intruded on his morning meditation by chancing to view his beauty for a short time. Then quietly, with hopes not to disturb, went about my way.

One thought on “the best part

  1. Casey December 22, 2007 / 7:04 pm

    I love the new layout here! I also love your story of the heron. It is such a great thing to experience a surprise of nature among our normal comings and goings.

    I’d love to run the dogs! How far can Buddy go on his little legs?

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