dwindling time

The summer is about to come to a close. While I officially have one more week of summer rest, every teacher knows that entering the classroom on the day one returns is like asking to be hit with a tsunami of tasks. This is particularly true for me this year as I am moving to a new classroom! A blessing, but an undertaking that I hadn’t quite fathomed before.

Every summer, I place in front of myself personal and professional tasks of a monumental size. And, every summer as I reach mid-August, I find myself lamenting the tasks which I did not accomplish rather than the things that I did. So I shall now have a moment of self horn-tooting to reflect upon that which I was able to accomplish in a short nine weeks time.

1. Completion of two three-credit graduate courses for which I received two A’s. During which I read, four text books including the ever enlightening 600 page “School Law”, two reams of paper’s work of law case study and analysis, wrote 10 mini-papers, 1 case study, 1 research paper, 1 interview project, and two finals. (All in six weeks time)

2. Re-wrote the summer grant manual for our school with a colleague. A thoughtful and reassuring experience.

3. Rode over 100 miles on my bicycle (cumulatively), Ran at least 100 miles in my running shoes including several 16-20 mile feats. Swam for hours…

4. Completed my first triathlon, my second is Sunday.

5. Tried many new recipes for family dinner including Beet Risotto, Harvest Turkey Burgers (Rachael Ray 365) and Mini Greek Kabobs. (all excellent)

6. Enjoyed three trips to visit family for weddings and parties.

7. Had a fantastic visit with my bff in Kansas

8. Spent countless hours with two blonde angels who are under 5 and their fabulous Mommy.

9. Slept in a lot.

10. Spent one blissful hour at the pool of my childhood

11. Read three fiction books for useless enjoyment including Sammy’s House by Kristin Gore (daughter of you-know-who)

12. Read two nerdy teacher/arts books. Read one whimsical teacher inspiration book.

13. Participated in an awesome CSA.

14. Watched The Devil Wears Prada more times than seems reasonable to mention.

15. Spent a lot of time napping and playing fetch with one certain 15 pound furry creature.

16. Finally completed last year’s curriculum maps. (Now I will do them the “right” way for this year)

17. Enjoyed dinner over nightly reruns of The Daily Show with my dh.

18. Saw Shrek 3, Harry Potter 5, The Bourne Ultimatum, and Becoming Jane all AT the movie theater!

19. Wrote edited and sent 80 fundraising letters for Team Hole in the Wall.

Ok, so maybe I didn’t spend the whole summer solving world hunger or becoming the world’s best teacher, but I did find respite from a year of chaos. One week away, the cycle begins again and I’m grateful for this time I have had to catch up on perpetual lost sleep, rid myself of frenetic scheduling, and put constant motion on pause.

The time dwindles, but I will spend at least this hour in gratitude.

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