Pushing the Limits.

My RP and I are entering our third week of “Boston Qualifying” training. Our race(s) is on October 7th and we are following the toughest training schedule ever. This week was particularly brutal as the temp on Tuesday at 5:30am was 86 degrees. Today at 6:30 it was similar. We pushed through our 5×1000 @ -4:20 and today our 3 mi tempo at 7:40, but there was definitely no room for talking, breathing takes all of our effort.

I have progressed well in the last five years of running, making good improvements. But with my awesome RP I have come to realize that goals are not achieved by complacency. The fast runners are fast because they practice fast. The good cyclists are good because the ride, a lot. Time off is not an option. Listen to the body, of course, but not for two days. The next 14 weeks are about pushing the limits of the body in a new way. The goal is a 3:40 marathon, but really the goal is seeing how far the body can be pushed on a consistent basis.

Perhaps the mental gains of tenacity and courage will outweigh the physical results. At this point, the mental strength gains will provide a lasting benefit. One which can be transferred to many areas of life, not merely the race course.

14 weeks.

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