Farm Fresh Fiber

I love my CSA! A friend/colleague and I have purchased a share of Community Supported Agriculture from a local farm for the summer. She and her husband and I and my beloved will share a family size serving of farm-fresh produce every week for 15 weeks.

We picked up the first share of veggies last night and were blessed with a bountiful harvest of lettuce (two kinds), radishes (still dirty!), arugula, chard, beets, and something called a garlic snape! The first few bites of the lettuces were incredible last night. I refused to douse it with ranch and went out of the way to make fresh lemon vinegarette to lightly moisten and bring the flavors together. It was the best salad I had ever eaten.

I spend a ginormous amount of our budget purchasing organic fresh and sometimes local produce. The amount we spent to receive our first harvet was pittance in comparison. Plus, we know we are supporting a local farm and the family who owns it.

A double blessing or a good karmic act if you ask me. Plus, it’s delicious!

CSA’s, you simply must try it.

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