Be careful, its addictive

Our incredible, amazing, and talented tech teacher at school has just given me a new reason to be off-task, but in an thoughtful and forward thinking way. Ninging I have now found yet another way to connect to the global community through technology, but this way just happens to be purposeful and meaningful (unlike, I feel, the social/teen focused MySpace).

In the last 18 hours, I have joined three ning communities: Global Education, WeAreTeachers, and NextGen Teachers. Each with its own purpose, but a common theme of reaching across the digital divide and making connections to improve teaching and learning in a global way. Woo Hoo. That sounds good to me.

I often feel isolated in my little sweet cubbie of a classroom, but I realize now that if I reach out through this global community that perhaps I will find others out there who wish to use technology, new methods, or just make human connection as best possible through fiberoptic cable.

I’m thinking I need to start my own ning…music teachers unite perhaps?

Beware, ning connections might cause global advancement of teaching and encourage you to become a better teacher and a more open minded individual….Use with caution.


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