The care of community

Several things have amazed me in the last week:

The thoroughly embracing and inclusive community that my Aunt and Uncle are a part of in their church. At my Aunt’s funeral wake and mass, it was so obvious to me that they are part of a church community devoted to family, to care of each other, and to unsurpassed faith in the Lord Jesus. I have no fear for the care of my Uncle and cousins as I saw that their church family has them deep in their arms.

As we came home on Wednesday night, the plows had gone through our street blocking in virtually every car in the lot. But as we were driving up 10 neighbors were out on the cul-de-sac shovels and scrapers in hand, digging out every car. Even one of our littlest neighbors (probably just under age 4) had her pink shovel to lend a hand. It was this sense of community that gave me extreme joy and I became awash in the light of God as he shown through our neighbors.

My sister referenced the word “communion of saints” many times as we traveled to and from the funeral services. It isn’t a phrase that I have thought of much in my spiritual walk. But these two very poignant instances of community have made very clear to me that we are amongst the communion of saints both here and as we travel to be with the Lord. If we look upon those around us as members of this communion, it certainly changes how we see them. How we look at them, treat them, care for them. Perhaps this different point of view is just what we need to find love around us.

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